Wednesday 29 July 2009

Scrap your Independence

Had a go at the Scrap Like You Mean It challenge this week. Mostly because, reading Shimelle's intro to the challenge, I spotted this kit which made me think immediately of a pic of me with my very first car.

Gosh did I struggle with the kit though! It looked so pretty in it's untouched state but it was quite hard to put something together with it in my opinion!

I'm pleased with my little wheels creating a visual triangle, the inspiration came as I watched Adam throwing a tiny, round, non-slip mat around in the garden. I looked at the mat & suddenly thought of some faux leather material I had in my craft box, a few cuttlebug moments later I had little textured discs in which to place eyelets, bingo!

Sorry about the picture quality, it's so damn miserable outside at the moment, there's not a scrap of light to be found anywhere in my house today!

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