Friday 31 July 2009

A little something....

On the theme of summer, here is a series of ATCs made for a swap with my lovely friends over on Uk Scrappers. Nothing special in themselves but I think they look quite cute together as a little group.

The stamps are a mixture of Paperartsy, Woodware & the swirly square is a Craft Stamper freebie that looks sooo pretty with glitter or liquid pearls dotted all over! The papers are a freebie too from this month's Scrapbooking magazine, a really nice set this month based around Crafty Pants' Sumer Soiree range, I just love that blue & orange together!

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Scrap your Independence

Had a go at the Scrap Like You Mean It challenge this week. Mostly because, reading Shimelle's intro to the challenge, I spotted this kit which made me think immediately of a pic of me with my very first car.

Gosh did I struggle with the kit though! It looked so pretty in it's untouched state but it was quite hard to put something together with it in my opinion!

I'm pleased with my little wheels creating a visual triangle, the inspiration came as I watched Adam throwing a tiny, round, non-slip mat around in the garden. I looked at the mat & suddenly thought of some faux leather material I had in my craft box, a few cuttlebug moments later I had little textured discs in which to place eyelets, bingo!

Sorry about the picture quality, it's so damn miserable outside at the moment, there's not a scrap of light to be found anywhere in my house today!

Saturday 25 July 2009

Look, Pink!

Yay! I got to use a bit of pink for a change and doesn't she look cute? Taken on holiday, for some reason my niece chose to adopt this pose for every photo, much to the amusement of my sister!!
Can you spot my easel? I got it today, there was a letter inside from the chap who made it. It said he had a crisis of conciensce about it being too crude & so he put two in. How nice is that? Of course, part of the reason I bought the easel was because of its rustic style, I'll definately have to give him full points on ebay!

Friday 24 July 2009

Just so annoying...

When you want to share a layout only there's no decent light left anywhere to take a picture!!

Still, hopefully I might be able to take a picture tomorrow using my recent purchase of a driftwood easel. A bargain from ebay at only £3.13 including P&P! You like?

I shall be stalking the postie tomorrow no doubt!

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Two little boys

Mmm chaha, mmm chaha...all together now!!

Oh I'm so depressed!! I've been working all day to produce a layout for The Studio's challenge this month & all I had to do was include a song title & use old stash...or so I thought... Looking again I've noticed it should include pleating too ...

Never mind, looking at the other fantastic entries I don't think I would have stood much of a chance & I still enjoyed making the layout. Especially as I forced myself to use those DCWV retro papers which I won in a raffle at a craft show about 3 years ago & have never really liked!

Still, I doubled up on the UK scrappers weekly challenge so all is not lost, and there's always next month!

Thursday 16 July 2009

Another Offering!

I've had this one on the go for a while, I got a bit stuck after sticking down the background papers and applying the tree!!
I'm really pleased with the result though, the kit I used was from Crafts 4 Eternity the butterflies are sizzix & the flowers are from my stash. The tree was copied from a template I found online which you can find the hyperlink for on my entry for Sat 11th July.
I love this picture, it was a traumatic shoot as Adam was not in the mood for being photographed, but we did manage to capture a few lovely images of which this was one.

Saturday 11 July 2009

A tree template

I've been searching for ages for a nice tree template to go on a layout I'm working on, I'm posting it just incase I never find it again!

Thursday 9 July 2009

My latest LO

This is something I did this week with a fab little mini kit from Bellaboo & a few ribbon & felt scraps from my stash. Unbeknownst to me I managed to nab the last one heh heh!! I love page kits, you can usually get more than one layout from them & they seem so much better value than the bigger ones on the market in my opinion!

The photos were taken at the nursey DS1 attends, I was very naughty & scanned the pics before sending them back! The pull tab has DS1s progress report from nursery completed around the same time as the photo. A little piece of family history preserved...

Umm...hello world!!

Well this blogging lark isn't quite as complicated as it looks is it?

Ofcourse there's a fair bit of work to be done yet, like tecchie up the title a bit. Unfortunately this involves many frustrated hours messing about with the Jasc software accompanied by much furrowing of brow & muttering underbreath. Mostly because I haven't a clue how it works so I employ the click & hope method-ology which sometimes gets me the result I was hoping for!

Anyways this is a site primarily for sharing my love of scrapbooking & papercraft with fellow enthusiasts so off we go!! ....