Saturday 18 February 2012

Belated Valentine Project

*sigh* I had such good intentions for this little creation, stitched in a jiffy at the end of last week. I really did mean to post on Valentine's day, hoping to spread the love and all that...

Somehow half term got in the way though & several playdates & 'fun centres' later here I am, with a little bit of time on my hands, jus' bloggin' ma owl...

The pattern & tutorial are from Moonstitches & can be found here. I just increased the pattern image by 150% before printing to get an owl approx 10cm in size & I handstitched rather than machine sewed. And please do trust me, if I can follow the instuctions then so can you!!!

As usual I introduced the parents to the latest of my crafty endeavours & was somewhat indignant at my Pop's response... "It looks like 'My first sewing project!'" he grinned... Well, he was completely correct in that it is my first sewing project I suppose (apart from the bottle-top pincusion ofcourse, but we have agreed never to speak of that....)

Anyhoo, I have Quirky Kits Lite to thank for the materials to make this owl, both the heart fabric & white felt are from the kits with other bits from stash.

As always, thanks for looking, I hope to be back with another paper pretty soon!

Nikki xxx

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Never in a month of Sunrays....

.... Did I think I'd pick up this blog again!

I think it's about time it got a bit of an overhaul, leave it with me... I'll get round to it eventually!

So lots of things have been inspiring me online, not least Julie Kirk's fab blog which is always such pleasure to visit & I felt the least I could do was join in with her Month of Sunrays & when the latest Quirky Kit Lite dropped through my letter box, it was clearly destiny!! (It's almost as if they know each other..!!) hee hee! ; )

So here it is... my lemon canary contribution...OK, OK I'll put down the thesaurus!!

There are loads of Scrappers out there using MME paper hearts at the moment and I fell in love with the LOs on Sarah Mullanix's blog so much that I well... shamelessly lifted the sketch & style... much to my annoyance I'm still failing miserably to find one of my own!!

So if you're still with me, thanks for reading, I'm sure I'll pop back at some point in 20 years when some of my children may have left home!