Monday, 7 December 2009

Only 2 weeks 'til Christmas!!

EEk!! Starting to panic yet?! There seems to be so much still to do & not much time to do it in! Fortunately I managed to get a significant proportion of my shopping done this weekend & the decorations are up too, no christmas cards written up yet though & I suspect wrapping will be done christmas eve!!

I was so good last year *sigh* almost all my cards were handmade & I custom-wrapped all the gifts for my close family. I was on maternity leave though so I had lots more free time than I do this year...

Still, with the free time I do have I'm just about managing to squeeze a few cards in, and this little Christmas Hearth image has to be one of my favourites, how cute do these two look peering up for Santa? I have to say that if I allowed my youngest anywhere near the fireplace he would be chomping on the charcoal, infact now I come to think about it my eldest was quite partial too..

and here is the evidence!!

Awww... butter wouldn't melt eh? Rubbish picture though, taken pre half-decent digital camera days!!

Anyhoo back to crafting & christmas... have you checked out Belles n Whistles lately? Don't forget our advent calendar giveaway!! Look forward to seeing you there! xxx


  1. Wow!
    Such a gorgeous card!
    Love your fabulous image and design!
    Your baby is just so beautiful!
    kim x

  2. beautiful card nikki! and cute piccie! def a LO there!! Your doing better with christmas than me!!!hugs mx

  3. such a lovely card Nikki.. and that baby of yours... toooo cute!!! xxx

  4. Such a pretty card Nikki! I love this image as well and wish I could find more time to color all these cuties up!!
    I just have to tell you that your children are just adorable!!!! So cute ~ I bet Christmas is so fun at your house!! Hope you get more time to do the fun stuff!!!