Tuesday 15 December 2009

Belle N Whistles Advent Calendar - Day 15!

Oh oh oh!! she's sooo cute don't you think standing up on tippy-toe to reach the christmas door? I would love to have a wreath like that hanging on my door but it's never been a tradition of ours to put out a wreath, I think I will have to look into it for next year, I feel a crafty project coming on, lol!!

But thinking of family traditions at christmas, it got me pondering about the goodies families leave for Santa on Christmas eve... Now I grew up firmly believing that Santa enjoyed a sherry & a mince pie after his trip down the chimney at each house so each year we set out a glass of Mom's favourite & a homemade pie... it only occurred to me in much later years that this might not be true of every home, afterall, some Moms don't even like sherry & may not have it in stock...!!

Why don't you hop on over to Belles N Whistles and tell us what you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve? There's a chance for you to win a goody bag every day this month, you gotta be in it to win it (heh heh heh!!)


  1. Adorable Nikki! I love the papers that you have used and she is adorable!!!
    When we were little we never put anything out for Santa because we never believed in him!! haha (Rotten older brothers ~ LOL) But my kids always put out some cookies and milk along with carrots for the reindeer!
    I can't believe we are at day 15!!!!!

  2. this is stunning nikki! hugs mx