Monday, 6 September 2010

School tomorrow!!

Just wanted to share a couple of pics of my eldest in his new scool uniform, it's his first day tomorrow & he's been hyper all day today with excitement!!

The agreement was we'd take one smiley pic for Mummy & one cross pic for Adam,

haven't had time to photoshop them or anything so apologies for poor quality

Suffice to say I have now ironed out the creases in his trousers & sweatshirt... once I could prise it off him, he wanted to wear it all day!!

Will be back with some cards soon... I have been a very mojoless crafter of late but I coloured in a Tilda today & will try to put her on a card while I'm watching BNTM :)




  1. Nik he's adorable ... I truly didn't notice the creases ;-)

  2. aww bless he looks fab! Had to do the same with mine, one pic for mummy then funny faces for them, even the 8yr old! lol! good luck tommorow have fun :)hugs xx

  3. Bless him he looks so smart :)

  4. Hi!Nikki i love both photos,hope he has a truly fab day and Mummy doesn't worry too much.
    hugs Lou.xx

  5. Oh Nikki he is just adorable!!! Hope his first day of school goes great!!!
    Hope everything else is well with you!!

  6. Oh what a gorgeous little man!
    Hope his start was a good one!
    kim x