Sunday, 27 June 2010

In mourning.... (not for the pic subject though!!!!)


My H&S stamps are gone :( :( :(

I've turned my craft room upside down & they're nowhere to be found... conclusion? My naughty little 18m has been in my craft drawers & posted theWHOLE of kit 4 in the wastepaper basket which was emptied & tipped last week, I've only inked up 2 of the images ****wail!!!!!!****

Could you forgive this face.............................................?

Hmmm....yes well I suppose you could......

If anyone see's 'em up on ebay lemme know....

I'm too depressed to create!!!!


  1. Oh no!
    Nikki what a disaster you must be so devastated!
    But, yes I can so forgive this adorable face bless!
    I am keeping everything crossed that they have been put in the secret place that only they know about and you will come across them soon.
    kim x

  2. Oh no Nikki! He is too adorable to be mad at though :) Hope you manage to get replacements soon.

  3. With a face like that, you just can't stay mad at him long. He is adorable!! Hopefully they will turn up somewhere or you can get some replacements. Don't forget to look in all of his little hiding places, even outside.

  4. Big hugs Nikki xx nope couldn't be cross with that cutie!!;) hugs xx