Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Foxy Valentine

Hiya! I had a fancy to make a valentine card for my OH. I didn't want it to be too cutesy, I wanted to do some paper piecing, I wanted to put a fox on it. Fortunately googling paper pieced fox came up with a few options, notably this. Now I love Jo Kill's work, I used to buy paper craft inspirations regularly and found her cards & toppers so inspiring, her blog is here if you fancy a look.

So, I think this card fits the brief don't you?

I'm not sure why blogsy has seen fit to squash the picture so, if you click on it the perspective corrects itself, lol!

edited to add: Ack! Couldn't stand looking at it like that so have cranked up the 'ole PC! Much better :)
See you soon!

Nikki xxx


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  1. It's awesome! Gr8 to hear from u Nikki x hope ur all well ?