Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Never in a month of Sunrays....

.... Did I think I'd pick up this blog again!

I think it's about time it got a bit of an overhaul, leave it with me... I'll get round to it eventually!

So lots of things have been inspiring me online, not least Julie Kirk's fab blog which is always such pleasure to visit & I felt the least I could do was join in with her Month of Sunrays & when the latest Quirky Kit Lite dropped through my letter box, it was clearly destiny!! (It's almost as if they know each other..!!) hee hee! ; )

So here it is... my lemon libation...my canary contribution...OK, OK I'll put down the thesaurus!!

There are loads of Scrappers out there using MME paper hearts at the moment and I fell in love with the LOs on Sarah Mullanix's blog so much that I well... shamelessly lifted the sketch & style... much to my annoyance I'm still failing miserably to find one of my own!!

So if you're still with me, thanks for reading, I'm sure I'll pop back at some point in 20 years when some of my children may have left home!


  1. Hi Nikki. What a beautiful page! So much to look at [and admire!].

    I'm thrilled that you were tempted out by a yearning for yellow!

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog, it's lovely to hear.

    I've pinned your page to the board: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/a-month-of-sunrays/ and I hope lots of people drop by here and tell you it's a great page! Because it is.

    Thanks again.

    Julie :-)

  2. Hi Nikki, thanks so much for your kind words and I really love your take of my LOVE YOU layout...the little flag and ticket border with hearts looks fantastic!! :)

  3. Hi Nikki, welcome back!! great to "see" you again :) Great page love all the little hearts, Sarah is an amazing scrapper isn't she, she comes up with the most amazing designs!
    Hope you are ok and enjoying your three little ones.

  4. Hi! Nikki lovely to see you in blogland,hope you are doing ok?
    This really is so gorgeous and very special.
    Love the photos,the colours are lovely and all the yummy detail too.
    hugs Lou.xxx